T-Zon Dermal Care Cream
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T-Zon Dermal Care Cream

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-Zone Equine Healing Cream is a fast acting professional strength blend of pure Australian tea tree oil, aloe vera, jojoba oil, 1% hydrocortisone, benzathonium chloride and behenyl TMS in a soothing vanishing cream base. T-ZoN Equine Healing Cream aids in the treatment of 'scratches', girth itch, galls and sores, and numerous other topical dermatological conditions that may have a bacterial, fungal and/or inflammatory basis.


The synergistic effect of tea tree oil combined with hydrocortisone makes T-ZoN Equine Healing Cream absolutely unique in the marketplace. There is nothing else like it commercially available, and to put it quite simply, it works exceptionally well.

The T in T-ZoN stands for tea tree oil, a complicated naturopathic oil derived from the melaleuca tree native to Australia. Tea tree oil has been used for centuries as a very effective topical anti fungal, anti bacterial and antiseptic, with natural immunostimulatory properties.

The ZoN in T-ZoN stands for hydrocortisone which acts as a powerful anti inflammatory, anti itch agent. To date, there are no other registered or known commercial products available for horses with hydrocortisone. Aloe vera has been well known for years as a healing aid in burns and topical abrasions.

Behenyl TMS is a soothing quaternary conditioner/emollient that improves the condition of the surrounding skin and hair.

Benzathonium chloride is a well ocumented powerful anti microbial.

Our petroleum free healing cream formula has a great competitive advantage over most other healing aids that use tar or oil bases that can actually hinder the healing process or may retard normal epithelialization, or skin closure. Another advantage to T-ZoN Equine Healing Cream is that it actually helps control the growth of 'proudflesh', which is an abnormal exuberant granulation tissue.

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