Purina Show Chow Pig 809

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Honor® Show Chow® FINALE® 809 feed is designed for growing/finishing pigs (adding cover and body) from 100 lbs. all the way to show. Honor® Show Chow® FINALE® 809 feed is a moderate protein, high-energy feed developed for growing/ developing/finishing show pigs. Formulated for ultra-modern show pigs needing muscle, cover and body, FINALE® 809 feed is a 16% protein, 7.5% crude fat, 0.85% lysine feed in a 3/32” pellet designed for greater intake. Honor® Show Chow® FINALE® 809 feed is supported by Purina. Get your pigs on FINALE® 809 feed today so you can unleash your genetic investment.

Features & Benefits



Proprietary blend of plant extracts and organic acids to help support proper gut health, immuno-competence, and feed intake


3/32” or 1/8” pellets

Extremely small pellet for improved intake and pellet quality

Available with Tylan

Helps protect against Ileitis

Formulated for optimum growth and optimum muscle deposition

Allows pigs to reach their full genetic potential

High energy formula

Allows pigs to continue adding soft muscle at heavier weights

Ideal protein formulation

Provide accurate and predictable essential amino acid intakes

Steam rolled oats

Very digestible, great source of nutrients for pigs


Helps lower body temperatures during periods of heat stress helping to keep pigs on feed during warm weather

Ultra proteins

Provide very high quality amino acid content