Probios Soft Dog Chews

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Probios Dog Soft Chews provides pooches with probiotics and prebiotics that promote a healthy digestive system.  Each soft chew provides two strains of live bacteria that are capable of form colonies in your dog's intestines to aid with digestion. These provide the perfect relief from stomach upset caused by stressful situations like travel or visits to the vet. Probios Dog Soft Chews feature a highly palatable chicken liver flavor that makes administering them to your dog a breeze. This container includes 240 grams of the soft chews- but a smaller container with 120 grams is also available. Relieve your dog's stress-induced gastrointestinal upset with these palatable soft chews and order now! Key Features: Prebiotics and probiotics facilitate digestion and increase appetite Palatable soft chews feature chicken liver taste Available in two sizes: 120 grams and 240 grams