Easy Pick Med-Flake Shaving

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Easy Pick Micro and Medium Shavings specializes in a unique packaging technique that increases the ease of handling for storage & transportation.

Typical polywoven bags of sawdust weigh an average of 45 pounds (20.5 kgs) each, depending on sawdust moisture. Our premeir tech, high capacity volume bagger and packaging system produces skids of bagged material that are uniform and condensed. Bags hold 3 cubic feet of material while compressed and 5 cubic feet when expanded.

Our packaging process allows us to create unique skids that can range from a solid 45" x 45" x 104" (containing 40 bags of product), or a solid 45" x 45" x 65" (called a "Feed Store Pack" of 24 bags) that can be shipped in dry-vans or on flat deck trailers without product shifting. Each pallet is wrapped in a UV protected, water-proof membrane allowing for outside storage.