Sailors Original Wax Cotton Reporofing Treatment - 8 oz.

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A benefit of wax cotton or oilcloth gear is the reproofing will restore the rugged weatherproof qualities even after years of use.. For the best results, the garment must be clean and dry; Sailors should be applied in a thin, even coating so it permeates the fabric. Professional reproofers say it helps to have access to a dryer. After applying the sailors as described in the Official Directions, put the garment in a dryer on a low to medium setting for 3-4 minutes (check after 2 minutes.) The goal is to just warm the entire garment to help Sailors permeate the fabric. Do not leave it in too long. It will be important to wipe the inside of the dryer with a clean cloth to remove any residue. Hang the coat in a warm area until dry. Now you're ready to face the elements with renewed protection.