Rye or Wheat?

Rye or Wheat?

A common question I find myself asking others is if they would like rye straw or wheat straw, both sold here for $5.00/80 lb. bale. The response I normally get is a blank look or an "uhhh..." Although, there are a few people who know exactly what they want.

In short, there are a few differences between rye and wheat. While they are the same size bale, sold for the same price, the straw itself is different and has different purposes.

Rye straw is a little finer but has more seed, so it is typically recommended for poultry (that like to pick through for the seed) and in muddy places where people don't mind some rye grass.

Wheat straw is a little thicker but has less seed, so it is typically recommended to cover muddy areas, use for a gardens and bedding for livestock. While it will sprout, it is much easier to control than the rye seed. 

To learn more about gardening with a straw bale, check out this link here.

Hope this helps and if you have any more questions feel free to give us a call or stop in!

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Aspen Johnson.

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