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Aspen Johnson

Starting November first and running until December 15, Purina is donating a dollar* from every bag of Purina Equine Senior or Purina Equine Senior Active bought to horse rescues. Fifty cents will go towards A Home for Every Horse and the other 50 cents will go towards a rescue of The Farm Store's choosing.

While we have not chosen specifically who we are donating to, yet, we do have a couple of organizations in mind. Once I know for certain which one we will be donating too I will make sure to update this post and add an excerpt about them.

A Home for Every Horse was started in 2011 between the Equine Network and The American Horse Council's Unwanted Horse Coalition with a focus on rehoming rescue horses. By listing horses in need of a new home on equine.com, they are able to connect horses in need to people who need a horse. This program also partners with Zoetis, WeatherBeeta and Tractor Supply Co., for donations to rescues.

As part of trying to rehome horses, A Home for Every Horse has started the Equine Comeback Challenge that provides rescue horses with a solid training foundation. Much like Teens and Oregon Mustangs, the Equine Comeback Challenge pairs horses with registered trainers for 90 days. The horses are then showcased at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo in Colorado.

By buying a bag of Purina Equine Senior or Equine Senior Active, you can help this amazing organization! We have also put the grain on sale to help further this event, each bag is only $20 for a limited time only!

To learn more, please visit Purina's A Home for Every Horse or A Home for Every Horse's webpage. 

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*Up to $150,000

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