PETA, where are you?

Aspen Johnson

I'm sure you've heard by now that Texas is flooded from the Gulf Coast to Houston. A few months ago, Texas was on fire, along with a few other states. Those fires caused whole herds of cattle to lose their lives and devastated farmers. They didn't want to see their cattle being burnt and most had to bring the rifle with them to put them out of their misery.

Well, Mother Nature felt sorry for all those fires, so she's decided to give them a flood. This flood is causing some of the same issues, herds of cattle have to be driven to dry land and horses are in need of rescuing. My Facebook news feed is being blown up with images of massive cattle drives being police escorted down the road, horses being guided to safety and dogs being picked up by strangers.

The people helping these animals are not who you think would be. PETA and the HSUS claim that they are for the animals and want anything involving an animal to be abolished; so why aren't they helping? I've seen farmers and ranchers riding through waters up to the withers of their horses to get animals to safety. I've seen boarding facilities and cowboys on high, dry land offering to board horses (and some cattle) for free, but no word from PETA or the HSUS.

Are they gone? Or are they just hoping this is another way to push their agenda? They want to shut down rodeos, animal agriculture (yup, this means no more steak, chicken, or ham) and ban certain dog breeds from cities due to the breed having a "bad rep." Are they cheering for the loss of these animal lives? Claiming the animal has now passed and nothing bad can happen to it?

Farmers and ranchers don't want anything bad to happen to their animals either. That's how they lose money. Ranchers are some of the most caring people to their animals, some of them are even better fed then I am. While there are exceptions, most are learning how to implement low-stress livestock handling systems and ways to improve feed rates so a pound of meat will cause less stress on the environment. This doesn't sound like the ranchers are greedy or animal abusers. They just want the best for their animal.

Is that why I'm seeing strangers band together to save the lives of these "poor, voiceless" animals, while PETA and the HSUS sit back and watch? They weren't there for the fires and they aren't there for the flood, so when will they be there? Or are they too focused on trying to ban animal agriculture to care? PETA and HSUS say they're for the animals, but are they really?

I don't think so. To learn more about this issue give Protect the Harvest, Bronc Riding Nation or HumaneWatch a visit. They're groups that are fighting against PETA and the HSUS, trying to save hunting, fishing, animal agriculture and rodeo. To help the agriculture industry in Texas, check out the Hurricane Harvey Relief Resources page from the National Cattlemen's Association

Please don't forget about the fires raging through Oregon and many other states at the moment as well! To learn more about the Oregon fires, visit the State of Oregon's Fire Information page.

Reminder: We are CLOSED Monday, Sept. 4 for Labor Day, we will return to normal operations on Tuesday, Sept. 5. Thank you!

As always and until next time,
Aspen Johnson

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