October Special - Equis Element

October Special - Equis Element

For the month of October, CHS is running a special on their Equis Element horse feed. This feed is good for any horse. This feed is marketed as a high fiber, high fat and low carbohydrate feed for horses. It has maximum of 17 percent crude fiber, a minimum of six percent crude fat and a minimum of 15 percent crude protein.

Not only does the feed offer the low carbohydrates, it also offers selenium and lysine as well. As you may or may not know, we live in a selenium deficient state. Selenium is an important mineral for many creatures as it is helps prevent white muscle disease in livestock and acts as an anti-oxidation agent. Lysine is a little trickier, while it is an essential amino acid (the building blocks for protein,) Kentucky Equine Research has came up with inconclusive results about the acid. Another study differs and states that lysine is the first limiting amino acid; so protein can be built until all the lysine is used up. 

A map of selenium concentrations across the United States.


This month (only this month and only Equis Element,) is on sale for $15.75 instead of being $17.75. Equis also does a buy ten bags and get a bag free program, so don't forget to ask about that as well!

One last thing, don't forget to stop by and check out our 30 percent off table!

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