New Product - Teff Natural Pellets

New Product - Teff Natural Pellets

Spring has sprung and it's just in time for summer. As you may know, now is the time to turn your horse out to pasture to let them enjoy that sweet, lush green grass. The downside to this? Laminitis. Founder. Or maybe your horse has a different metabolic issue that does not allow him to be turned out. So you're looking for a product that has low carbohydrates (carbs) and low energy.

Now, I'm going to tell you a secret, the company recognized as CHS came out with a Teff Natural Pellet, which brings many promises. Teff grass is a low carb and low energy grass that can work wonders for horses prone to laminitis and other metabolic issues. This grass is easy to digest and Natalie Shaw of Equis (a CHS brand) has found a way to pelletize it; without adding any carbs or sugar to the pellet while also making it a complete feed. 

Feeding this product is easy, and while I've never personally tried it, I've heard horses love it. Since this is a grass, it can completely replace any forage you are currently feeding (if fed at sixteen pounds a day.) If you still want to feed your typical forage (like local valley grass hay, also sold at the Farm Store for $10.50/80 lb. bale,) but would like to add a grain, this can be supplemented as well (recommended feeding rate is five pounds a day.) This feed has all the vitamins and minerals required, just like most any other grain.

And you're in luck. We carry this product right here at The Farm Store for $25.00 for a 50 pound bag. If you would like to learn more about this wonderful product, click the link here or here, which leads to Natalie's personal blog for Equis.

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Aspen Johnson

*Update: I just got a paper I wrote for my agriculture communications class published on the Equis Enthusiast blog page! Go ahead and check it out! Link here. (June 12, 2017)

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