New Product - Taste of the Wild Prey Dog and Cat Food

New Product - Taste of the Wild Prey Dog and Cat Food

Exciting news! We just got in the new line of the ever so popular Taste of the Wild dog and cat food! Called Prey, this food promises to be a limited ingredient diet with four key ingredients; an animal protein source, lentils, tomato pomace and sunflower oil.

One of the greatest things about Taste of the Wild is that their feed has added species specific probiotics and is an all-life stages feed. Thus said, this feed can be feed during the dog's or cat's whole life. While they do have a puppy formula that is more suited towards puppies and nursing/pregnant dogs, the puppies can still consume the adult formulas as well.

Probiotics are important to keep the digestive tract happy and healthy. While the dog food has a K9 strain of probiotics, the cat food has viables probiotics. These two strains allow for beneficial bacteria to be added to the GI tract of your pets. Unlike other foods, the probiotics are added after the cooking process and each and every pound of the feed provides live and active cultures.

Now, if you are thinking of switching to Taste of the Wild's Prey formula, make sure to gradually change the feed over. It is typically recommended to make the change over seven to fourteen days, with each step lasting two or three days. This allows the microbes in the stomach to grow accustomed to the new feed while still being able to digest the old feed. It helps with reducing upset stomachs and digestive issues. 

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