Happy 23rd Anniversary!

Aspen Johnson

Twenty-three years ago, the Farm Store looked nothing like it does now. Thanks to Roger and Vicky Soverns, the store is now a valuable part of the Veneta community. Providing items like dog and cat food, livestock feed, gardening supplies, milk replacer, horse supplements, bird seed, wood stove pellets and much more; the community does not need to drive all the way out to Eugene to get something they may need.

The Soverns also try to give back to the community by buying a 4H market animal and holding their customer appreciation sale each year. One of the biggest draws of the sale, besides free drawings, is Roger's hot dogs. He usually starts cooking around 11 and doesn't stop until five in the afternoon or we run out, which ever comes first.

If you happen to stop by, feel free to talk to the product representatives outside as well. While Haley and I have good information to tell you about certain products, they have even better information. This year the sale will be held on Saturday, September 23. We look forward to see you here!

Reminder we will be closed Labor Day. (Monday, September fourth) We will be back to normal hours Tuesday, Sept. fifth.

As always and until next time,
Aspen Johnson

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